For women, skin is one of the most important parts of the body which should be taken care seriously because it will enhance their performance. Wrinkles, black spots, acnes, and many other skin irritations can make women uncomfortable in showing their beauty. That is why maintaining the skin health and beauty becomes a priority for women. Talking about skin beauty, we cannot leave skin care products. Many women may use some skin care products to make their skin shinning and beautiful. But that is just one way to maintain skin beauty. In this article, I will share you a simple daily care for your skin which can be done easily everyday by yourself and also give you some good natural homemade skin care recipes so that you can make your own skin care treatments using ingredients around you. So, without waiting any longer, please check them out in the next sections.

Simple Daily Care for Your Skin

Skin HealthDoing skin care in a salon is a mainstream way to keep your skin beautiful. Besides it will take much of your time, your outcome will also increase because you have to pay more to get better treatment. Instead of going to salon and do skin care treatment, I have some solution for you which are simpler and cheaper. Simple daily care for your skin can be done by yourself in your own home. You just need to do some simple activities which some of them might have been practiced by you every day, but you do not know that they are good for your skin health. So, some daily activities you can do to make your skin healthier are drinking lots of water with 8 glasses minimum amount in a day, sleeping well, getting sufficient exercises, exfoliating your skin regularly using natural scrub, removing your make up before going to bed, having good foods with sufficient amount of vitamins, and so on. If you have done all of those activities regularly, continue it. But if you have not done them yet, I suggest you to try practicing all of those activities because they are simple and cheap yet they have an enormous benefit in your skin health.

Homemade Skin Care Treatments

To maintain your skin health, it is also good to have some skin care treatment. But in this article, what I mean is to have a skin care treatment in your own home using natural homemade skin care products. Our ancestors have left many recipes which can be made easily and are so useful to help us maintain our health that we do not need to spend much money to be healthy. Just like that, some skin care recipes are also inherited by our ancestors. We can use some natural ingredients such as tea and honey, oats and lemon, turmeric and lemon, turmeric and tomato, yogurt and dried orange, yogurt and lemon, milk and saffron, papaya and fuller’s earth, potato, and other combination to make face packs. We can use combination of gram flour, yogurt, and turmeric to remove tan from our skin. We can also cure a sun burn skin by using natural ingredients like vinegar. 

Overall, there are many kinds of cheap, simple, and natural skin care treatments that we can do to maintain our skin health instead of going to salon and spending a lot of money just to have salon’s skin care treatments which effects have not known yet. It is better to do simple activities and use natural skin care treatments which have been proven by our ancestors.