Pandawa Beach is very rarely known amongst the tourists, whether local tourists or foreign tourists. People will associate going to Bali with going to its famous beaches like Kuta. However, if you want to visit a nice, secluded beach, you can visit Pandawa beach instead. Pandawa beach is located in a village called Kutuh in southern Bali. Seeing how the location of this beach is behind limestone cliffs, there are not so many tourists coming to this beach. Pandawa beach was even used to be called the “Secret Beach” when only the local people knew about its existent.

Pantai Pandawa 01The scenery while traveling leads to the Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is located about three kilometers from Nusa Dua and in recent year, Bali’s government has been trying to make Pandawa beach to be one of their top tourist spot by building roads leading to the beach and cutting of the cliffs so that they can build the road. You will also find the statue of the Panca Pandawa, from whom the beach is named after, built inside the wall of the limestone cliffs.

What to Do

The activities in Pandawa Beach will involve getting into the water. There are some locals that rent canoes and you can use them to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach. The waves are also quite good for you to surf it. If you only want to relax and do nothing for a whole day, this beach is the perfect choice to do so since not many people come to this beach. You can also rent parasol and lounge chairs from the locals. There are also many small kiosk provided by the locals that sell snacks, drinks and souvenirs. Some locals are also offering water sport package so you only have choose which one you want to do.

Activity at Pantai PandawaThe activities in Pandawa Beach

Since 1980s, Pandawa Beach has become a place where the locals cultivate seaweed. You can get information about seaweed here. And aside from being a tourist attraction spot, Pandawa beach is also used by the locals to do the Hindu ceremony “melasti”. Melasti is a ceremony where people puify themselves in order to welcome the Silence Day. So, if you come to this beach just before the Silence Day, you can witness one of Balinese people’s famous traditions.

Enjoying in Pandawa BeachEnjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach with canoes

Accommodation and Transportation

For the accommodation in Pandawa Beach, you will need to find a hotel in other places since there are no hotels in this beach because it is still fairly new. You can find hotels in Nusa Dua which is the nearest town from this secluded beach. For the transportation, you need to rent cars or motorcycles in order to be able to access this beach since there is no public transportation connected to this beach yet. The journey to Pandawa beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport will take about an hour. From Kuta you need to go to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park before you turn left to Nusa Dua or Bali Cliff. You only need to pay attention to the road sign that will lead you to Pandawa Beach from then on. You will pass by some rock and limestone cliff when you are going in the right direction to Pandawa Beach.