Bedugul is famous for its cool climate and its tourist attraction offering the harmony found in Mother Nature and one of those attractions is Bali Botanical Garden. The botanical garden is located  in Bedugul, about sixty kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport and forty kilometers from Singaraja. The weather in the Botanical Garden is always cool compared to other parts of Bali. It is very suitable for you who want to enjoy the green nature of Bali with nice weather.

Tourist Attractions

Bali Botanical Garden is home to sixteen thousands different kinds of plants from many genus and species. There are also many tourist attraction spots in Bali Botanical Garden aside from the beautiful plants. You can do some hiking and tracking around the forest, visiting Bentar Temple, and enjoying the beautiful Rose Garden. There is also a traditional market near Kuning Temple where you can buy not only everyday necessities but also many souvenirs unique to this place. The Ramayana Boulevard will offer exotic scenery in which you will be exposed to sculptures and relief of old literature. A set of stone sculpture will tell the story of Ramayana through nine enormous stone sculptures. In this garden are also a library full of books on botanical world and also a meeting venue called Nayaka Loka.

Botanical Garder Bali - Flower

The Lakes

There are also many beautiful lakes that you can visit while you are in Bedugul. One of the lakes there that you have to visit Berantan Lake located just right next to the Botanical Garden. Right in the center of the lake is a pura called Pura Ulun Danu, dedicated to worship the fertility god, Sang Hyang Dewi Danu. Moreover, the scenery around the lake is just so very beautiful you can’t help to stop and just enjoy the nature for a little while. There are boats to rent when you want to get close to the pura in the middle of the lakes or just sail around the beautiful lake with your friends and family.

Baratan lake bedugul Bali

A more traditional lake which is not really developed to be a modern tourist attraction in order to preserve its natural beauty is Tablingan Lake. Aside from its beautiful scenery you can find many pura that preserved the history of the development and culture of Bali, especially in Tablingan. You can also enjoy long hours of trekking through the lush green forests that surrounds the lake. If you want to fish in the lake, some local kiosk will rent you a boat on which you can fish from. The boat can also be used to sail around the lake and take some photos of the beautiful scenery.

Botanical Garden View, Lake, Mountain

Aside from enjoying the beautiful view of the forest and lake in Bali Botanical garden, you can also enhance your viewing experience by taking a bite of the local cuisine. There are many restaurants along the road to the botanical garden. These restaurants offer many kinds of food from traditional foods to Western food. Small food kiosks also can be found along the banks of the lake. The botanical garden is very suitable for families and couples to spend their time together.