There are special issues for women weight loss.  Women tend to put on pounds easier than men and take them off more slowly.  This may be because women have a higher percentage of body fat than do men.  Therefore it makes sense to treat women weight loss issues as a separate category.

Weight Loss ProblemMany diet books treat women and men the same.  However, the differences in how our bodies work goes beyond the plumbing.  Women have major hormonal shifts on a regular basis.  Pregnancy further complicates the matter.  Men have very few hormonal issues.  However, you should know that eating the right kinds of foods can actually help even out these hormonal shifts.

It should be no surprise that eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables can seriously help you with women weight loss.  However, you should try to eat locally grown organic produce because chemicals used in factory farming can upset your hormones even more.

In addition to hormonal issues, women face body image issues.  We’re constantly barraged with images of what an “ideal” woman looks like.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t anorexic size 2’s.  Yet, this is held up as the ideal that we should be striving for.

Because of this, women are constantly either on a diet or about ready to go on one.  It would be much better to adopt a healthy approach to what the ideal body size is for you rather than try and match what Hollywood is telling you.  Try to be healthy, not to be a model.

Additionally, you should try to adopt a lifestyle rather than a diet.  Diets lead to yo-yo weight patterns.  For women, weight loss needs to be part of a larger picture of healthy living.

One of the problems in modern day America is that most of what we eat is prepared by someone we don’t know.  We eat a greater percentage of our meals in restaurants and fast food joints.  The people who sell us this food don’t care about our health.  They care about making a profit.

Even when we eat at home, much of the food is processed.  It is no longer uncommon to heat up pre-cooked meat bought at the grocery store, open a box of powdered mashed potatoes, and microwave some corn and call it dinner.  Heck, even salad is pre-packaged these days. Even worse are the prepackaged frozen dinners.  Even the low calorie low fat versions are loaded with preservatives. For most women, weight loss will only begin when they get back into the kitchen and start cooking again.  Real food is the solution to women’s weight loss.